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  • 60 watts—can get loud
  • G12T Celestion speaker
  • Pair of Mesa EL34s installed currently (has a switch so you can use it with 6L6s) 
  • 4 preamp tubes…
  • Power switches easily from Class A to Class AB with front rocker switch
  • Master volumes for both channels
  • Lead/overdrive has 2 options, 3 when combined (combining produces monster saturated gain)--all foot switchable. Foot switch is a sturdy replacement and operates as it should, except one of the lights doesn't function.
  • Reverb
  • Effects send
  • Replacement foot-switch, with lights
  • Hardwood, dove-jointed cab (likely oak)
  • Smokeless home and low use. Has only played a handful of gigs  and mostly stayed in the music room (since I bought it used around 1990).
  • Excellent platform for pedals (this is how I choose to get dirt with it)
  • Weight: 54 lbs.

Kitty Hawk M1 combo 60 watt

539,00 €Prix
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