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elementary keyboard, 61 touch sensitive keys (PSTK), 2 x 2,5 watt
Introducing the Medeli MK61, a perfect blend of affordability and functionality for music enthusiasts stepping into the realm of keyboard playing or seeking a value-packed instrument. The MK61 extends the reach of the Medeli keyboard line, offering a step up in features and playability from its predecessors, the MK37 and MK49, without compromising on the budget-friendly promise that defines the series.

With its 61, touch-sensitive keys, the MK61 provides a bigger range and a tactile feel, setting it apart from MK61's smaller siblings. This keyboard not only broadens the musical canvas but also ensures an engaging and dynamic playing experience.

Beyond the key count, the MK61 boasts an impressive array of 450 sounds and 150 styles. Its dual 12 cm speakers deliver a fuller and richer sound, ensuring every note and chord is heard in clear, detailed quality.

A distinctive trait of the MK61 is its Dynamic Acoustic System (D.A.S.), a sophisticated sound quality optimization feature that adapts the volume to suit human hearing, ensuring the master output is always at its best. This innovative system allows musicians to experience the true depth and nuance of their music, with the option to turn off this feature for those who prefer their sound unaltered.


Keyboard: 61 keys (piano shaped touch sensitive keys PSTK)
Display: Backlit LCD
Max Polyphony: 32
Sounds / Voices: 450
Style: 150
Music Library: 120 songs, Music Tutorial system
Amplifier: 2 x 2.5 watt
Speaker: 2 x 12 cm
Dimensions: 916 x 305 x 92 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Power: DC 12V, 6 x AA batteries
Connections: 1 x USB-B (MIDI & Audio), Headphone jack (1 x 1/8”), Pedal (sustain)
Style Control: Start / Stop, Sync Start, Intro / Ending, A / B (A / B fill), Chord mode, Fade in/out
Chord Type: 32
Reverb: 10 levels
Effect: D.A.S.
Sequencer: 1 user song
Pitch Adjustment: Transpose, Octave, Tuning
Metronome: 0, 2-16
Tempo: 5-320, Tap tempo
Other Control: Touch sensitive, Sustain, Speaker mode

MK61 |Medeli Nebula Series elementary keyboard

119,00 €Prix
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